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About Consigning At Lollipops Ltd.


Consignsigning and the split

  • Our shop consigns which means we do not buy out right, but you get money after your items are sold.

  • The Store/Consignor split is 60%/40%. The Store will get 60% and the consignor gets 40%. 

Sizes we accept and clothing conditions

We take sizes NEWBORN TO SIZE 12 CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. We also will take toys, books, games, puzzles, furniture & gear, but they must be in CLEAN, LIKE NEW condition with new batteries (when applicable** Please note there will be a $2 charge per battery replaced**).

We ask that all clothing is FRESHLY WASHED, LAID FLAT in a basket, box or tote and you can use our convenient “Drop and Run” service. lollipops Ltd is proud to partner with homeless women's and children's shelter of Western North Carolina so if you do not want any of your “No Thank You” items back they will be given for a great cause (Also, we can provide you with a donate receipt for your taxes if you would like).  If you would like your “No Thank You” items back, then you will need to indicate that you want your items back at the time of drop off. Once we go through your items we will call you to come and pick up your return items.

General dates we accept consignment

**Please note specific dates WILL change depending on current in store stock and amount of consignor drop offs. Thank you for your understanding!**


If you would like to know the current dates please contact us, or if your are a current consignor keep an eye out for an email from Lollipops Ltd.


In general, we accept spring/summer consignments February through June**. During this time we will also take spring and summer month HOLIDAY apparel. (Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, etc...)

We accept fall/winter consignments August through December**. Likewise during this time we will take fall and winter month HOLIDAY apparel. (Halloween/ Fall day, Thanksgiving, and our favorite Christmas, etc...)

Pink Sugar

Brands That Lollipops Ltd. Does NOT Accept

Babies R Us

Baby Connection

Basic Editions




Child of Mine


Faded Glory

Fisher Price

Health Tex


Genuine Baby or Kids



Gum Ball

​Health Tech

Jumping Beans

Just One you

Kids Headquarters


Mossimo Supply Co.


Rising Star

Small Wonders

Simply Basic

Sesame Street


Toys R Us


Wonder Kids

Wonder Nation

365 Kids

Pink Sugar

Preferred Shopper Program

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Sale Branding
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